People who would like to avail of the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card have to consider several points before they decide if this is the right Amex card for them. The first is their spending limits. This card is for those who spend more than $30,000 each year and for those who will pay for all of their expenditures each month as this is a charge card and not a credit card. American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card also requires its holders to pay an annual fee of $175.

Those who are able to avail of the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card have lots to enjoy not only the perks but also higher reward points as well. They can earn as much as 3, 2 points and 1 point for each dollar that they spend for their airfares, groceries and gas respectively. They also get a point for a dollar spent on any other types of purchases. People with this Amex card do not have to worry about interests as there are none.

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card holders are also able to manage their finances well and do not have to worry about getting into debt since they have to pay all each billing month. Those who would be able to spend at least $2,000 within their first three months will be entitled to a 25,000 bonus which they can redeem through gift cards that are worth $250. People with this type of Amex card are also entitled to get a 15,000 bonus each year if they are able to spend at least $30,000.

People with American Express Rewards Premier Card may earn more bonuses if they spend more and pay through this card. Individuals with this kind of Amex card may enjoy more benefits and rewards because they do not have any limits on the number of points that they can earn. They are also given the chance to redeem their points in several ways not only through gift cards. They can exchange it for merchandise, for entertainment, for dining or for air tickets as well.

American Express Rewards Premier Card holders may also transfer their points to their frequent flyer programs if they have one. They can make use of their points to pay for their airfare when they book with American Express Travel. People holding Amex cards of this type also enjoy other benefits given such as purchase protection plan, extended warranty, travel and baggage insurance and exclusive access to gold card events.

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Individuals who are looking for the best credits cards consider various factors before they finally decide. One of the things that they look for is the customer support such as what is being offered by Capital One Credit Cards. People are starting to take note of this as an important aspect when it comes to the use of credit cards especially when they travel far from home. There are different Capital One Credit Cards that individuals can choose from but whatever they select, they are assured of the best customer service that they can get.

Here are some of the credit cards that individuals with excellent credit may think about.

Capital One Cash Credit Card

Individuals who have availed themselves of a Capital One Cash Credit Card can earn and enjoy as much as 50% on the cash back bonus each year. They also earn 1% on cash back for every purchase that they make. Card holders can conveniently get their cash back bonuses at anytime. Aside from the no annual fee feature of this card, card holders can also earn a one-time bonus of $100. Those who have excellent credit may apply for this type of Capital One Credit Card.

Venture Rewards Credit Card

Those who would like to get the most rewarding card may think of the Venture Rewards Credit Card. They may double the miles that they have from their purchases. Card holders can redeem their miles rewards for their travel needs. Other benefits given to card holders include no annual fee for their first year of membership and a big bonus of 10,000 miles. They will also benefit from the no-fee foreign transactions that are being offered. People who would like more flexibility and more rewards as they travel around and those who are with excellent credit can apply for this kind of Capital One Credit Card.

Spark Cash Business Card

Individuals who are looking for the best card for their business needs may look into what Capital One Credit Card has to offer through their Spark Cash Business Card. Card holders are entitled to a $100 as their cash back bonus after spending $1,000 during the first months of their membership. They also enjoy another $50 bonus when they add one more card holder into their accounts. Card holders may also gain 2% cash back bonuses on all of the purchases that they make through this kind of Capital One Credit Card.



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